fredrikFredrik’s interest in food has been with him from an early age. When the other 8-year-olds went to buy candy on a Saturday, Fredrik took his allowance and bought French blue cheese!  In his early teens he was introduced to the Japanese cuisine by one of his Japanese friends’ father. With inspiration and curiosity Fredrik often came home and created dinners for his family. During his chef school years he practiced at KB (Konstnärsbaren) and Wedholms Fisk. Two of Stockholm’s premier restaurants that, during their time, each held Michelin Guide Stars. After completing his studies, he got the chance to work at KB. A time that meant hard work “but it also taught me a lot about what it means to become a good chef” says Fredrik.

Fredrik has a curios personality and finds inspiration for new dishes in the things around him. He was part of the kitchen team when Tomas Brolin opened his restaurant, Undici and stayed there as sous chef for three years. During his time there he got the opportunity to participate in some of Franska Matsalen star chefs’ guest appearance.

In 2004 it was time to try something new. Together with his family he moved to Thailand. There, together with Kim, he ran a small clothing store, but that did not prevent Fredrik from tasting and letting himself be inspired by the Thai cuisine. During his long career, he has developed his own style of cooking. Simplicity is one of his signatures, with fingertip precision he balances his dishes. Why not try Fois Gras with a port and blackberry reduction perfectly accompanied by a glass of Ariyanas David, a sweet Merlot 2012, from bodega Bentomiz? Why not, once tried, never forgotten!

“Food should not be complicated, as a guest, you should see, understand and feel the flavours of the ingredients on a plate. Food is fun and should be for everyone! Not rigid and complicated, only for a selected, elite few” adds Fredrik, clearly passionate about his trade.

Fredrik is a competitive person and always strives to improve and further develop his skills. Here in his own restaurant, Fusion food and Lounge in Nerja, Spain, he feels free to create his food.  Additionally, he has the opportunity to work with amazing ingredients that inspire him to continue to develop his concept.